Sunday, April 2, 2017

Maple Syrup Field Trip to The Arboretum

The Second Graders spent a morning before Spring Break at the Arboretum learning more about trees. Thank you Mr. Harwood and Mrs. Russ for joining us!

Some of our favorite memories include: 
-We learned how to identify the maple tree by its branches and buds.
-We saw buckets with lids hanging on trees.
-We tapped the maple tree.
-We tasted sap and maple sugar.
***​​We tasted maple syrup on waffles!

Buckets and bags on tree to collect sap!

Our volunteer teaching us how to tap a tree!

We did it!

Next stop: learning more about the Sugar House!

Liv and Alea trying sap! Very diluted and watery... the expressions on the kids' faces were too funny!


Eating waffles!

Trying Maple Sugar!

Julia demonstrating how maple syrup was brought back to a home in the 1800s. 

You know winter is on its way out when you can make maple syrup!

Headed back to school!

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