Saturday, April 29, 2017

Learning Update

Math: Students in Room 16 recently finished Chapter 11 which focused on Money. They really enjoyed this unit! They continued to learn the different types of coins and their respective values. Money also provides a natural introduction to decimal notation. Your child learned to how write money amounts as dollars and cents. They also learned how to compare amounts of money with the aid of tables. Just as place-value tables group numbers into hundreds, tens and ones, the dollars and cents table group money amounts into dollars and cents. Finally, students continued to practice bar models to solve real-world problems involving addition and subtraction with money. 

Next up: Fractions! Your child learned how to differentiate between shapes with equal and non-equal parts in first grade. Now, they will be taught how to model and name halves, thirds and fourths. Bar models will come up again - as these can be used to show fractional parts in different ways. Using visuals will be a big part of this unit - allowing students to compare fractions and distinguish a greater fraction from one that is less. 

Writer's Workshop: We are in the third and final writing unit of the year! Unit 3 is titled Writing About Reading and students are learning to write about beloved books in ways that persuade other to love them as much as they do. Second graders are forming opinions about the books they read and thinking deeply about characters and favorite parts. The goal of this unit is to state clear opinions and support these ideas with evidence. 

Students began this hard work last week by writing letters about a favorite character they've met in books they love. Opening with a catchy introduction, they then give their opinion on why this character is a favorite and provide reasons to support their claims. Ask your child what character they love and have chosen to write about!

Science: Recently we had the Arboretum visit our classroom for an on-campus field. The topic was Sunflower Supreme. We learned about sunflowers and their special features. We planted sunflowers and they are currently growing in our Grow Lab (some students have chosen to take them home). Students are also excited that our tulips (planted last fall) are blooming! They have been dormant all winter and now we have beautiful blossoms! Pictures to come on the blog soon!

Reading/Writing/Social Studies: Students are fully engaged and loving their country project! Research continues to be in full swing as they read more about their country from books or websites. They are working diligently to find information for five categories: Geography, Landmarks/Monuments/Symbols, Government/Economics, History and Lifestyle. This learning is then written in their research packets. As they find information for each category, they then transfer this into their accordion book. They have had fun looking for images that mirror the information in their packets and then creatively bringing the book to life! There still is a lot of work ahead of them, but they are really looking forward to presenting to you on May 16, 17 and 18 (schedule of presentations to come soon).

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