Wednesday, April 19, 2017

All-About Books - Publishing Celebration

Second grade writers have finished their All-About (information books) and the writing unit titled Lab Reports and Science Books, during which students learned about information writing that scientists are apt to do. They also were taught about force, motion and friction. During Writer's Workshop, children often divided their time between engaging in experiments and writing for the purposes that scientists write.

During the final portion of the unit, children wrote informative/explanatory texts in which they introduced a topic, used facts and definitions to develop points, and provided a concluding statement, all in order to teach others what they have learned. Students in Room 16 wrote about topics such as basketball, hockey, gymnastics, baseball, jiu jitsu, karate, soccer, lacrosse and more! Reading their books over the past several weeks has been SO delightful!

Earlier this week, we had a publishing celebration with Mrs. Strohschein/Mrs. Wright's class. Children read their All-About books to other second graders... they should be proud of their great work!!

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