Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Important American Presentations!!

The last two days have been amazing in Room 16! We had many Important Americans grace us with their presence and they did an amazing job! 

This project is the first research project students in Room 16 were exposed to. Not only did they have to do plenty of non-fiction reading on their American, but they also learned about plagiarism, how timelines happen in chronological order, note taking and how to transfer notes into full flowing sentences that result in a book that students presented from today. 

Over the last month, they have learned so much and from my perspective, they really enjoyed this social studies project! It was a great first experience with research and paved the way for their upcoming country research reports (which will begin after spring break). 

Jack as Benjamin Franklin

Anika as Eleanor Roosevelt

Zach as Jesse Owens

Anna as Sitting Bull

Oliver as Thomas Edison
Akilah as Ruby Bridges

Erin as Susan B. Anthony

Julia as Helen Keller

Ollie as Davy Crockett
Leo as Johnny Appleseed
Liv as Amelia Earhart
Wellstone at Hank Aaron
Katie as Betsy Ross

Ellis as Neil Armstrong
Alea as Sacagawea
Mikey as Jackie Robinson

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