Sunday, February 5, 2017

Learning Update

Reading/Social Studies: 
Students are learning about Americans that have had a considerable impact in our nation's history. So far we have learned about MLK, Jr., Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, with more to come at a whole class, small group and individual level. 

While reading and learning more about these important individuals, students will be taught how to determine importance. That not all words, sentences or paragraphs are considered equal and that some carry more weight than others. This learning will help them as they soon pick an Important American they will focus their research on. 

We are in the midst of Chapter 6: Multiplication Tables of 2, 5 and 10. So far, students have learned that counting by 2s, as easy as this is, can help them when solving multiplication equations. Next up, counting by 5s and then 10s. 

Room 16 has enjoyed informative writing, specifically focusing on learning to write about science. The first part of this unit had students experimenting with toy cars and ramps. They thought about what their BIG QUESTION and HYPOTHESIS was and then wrote up their PROCEDURE (what materials do you need, what is your experiment's set-up and then step-by-step what to do to carry out the experiment). Only after all this was complete were they able to begin their experiment (they learned that scientists don't just jump into experiments, but need to spend time writing these items beforehand). They ran several TRIALS and then wrote a CONCLUSION. In addition, they learned how FORCE and MOTION were involved. The excitement is high as we head into  the next experiment: catapults! 

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