Saturday, February 18, 2017

Group Presentations on Three Important Presidents

As you know, we are in the midst of the Important Americans social studies unit. While each student is working on their own individual Important American project (to be presented next Thursday or Friday), with President's Day coming up, they also recently worked together in groups learning about one of the following former Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. 

They displayed real enthusiasm and teamwork as they read, researched and prepared to present on their President. The presentations were brief, but excellent, as well as good practice leading up to their own presentation. They impressed with me all they learned in a short amount of time! Ask your child what they learned about their President. :-)

Erin, Alea, Anna, Oliver and Leo researched our nation's first President: George Washington.
Ellis, Julia, Wellstone, Jack and Katie (we missed you, Zach!) presented on our nation's third President and an American Founding Father: Thomas Jefferson. 
Mikey, Ollie, Akilah, Liv and Anika presented on our 16th President: Abraham Lincoln. 

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