Sunday, January 22, 2017

Martin's Big Words

Important Americans is a topic that is covered heavily in second grade social studies. Over the last two weeks, Room 16 has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. We read books, engaged in classroom discussions, viewed MLK's story as told by Kid President and watched a clip of the I Have  Dream speech. The students were genuinely inspired by his story and learned so much about this influential leader. 

Students also created an MLK craft. Under their very own MLK, they wrote all about how he changed the world for the better and how he lived his life with the following words guiding him: LOVE, TOGETHER, FREEDOM and PEACE. Their writing was so touching and impressive. If you are at school in the coming days, please swing by to see what your child wrote. You will be so proud!

I know these second graders will grow up to be kind, respectful and knowledgable adults!  

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