Saturday, September 16, 2017

9/18-9/22 Week at a Glance

Monday, Sept. 18 (Day 3)
- Pictures, 8:45am 
- P.E. 
- Music
- Mindfulness

Tuesday, Sept. 19 (Day 4)
- Chapel
- Art
- Chinese

Wednesday, Sept. 20 ( Day 5)
- Music
- P.E.

Thursday, Sept. 21 (Day 6)
- P.E.
- Chinese

Friday, Sept. 22 (Day 1)
- Chinese
- Music

Looking Ahead:
- Wednesday, Sept. 27: Apple Harvest Field Trip at MN Landscape Arboretum, 12:30-3:05

Learning Update

Learning Update:

Reading: This week, we will continue to practice Reader’s Workshop routines and norms. We will continue to build independent and partner reading stamina. This is an important component of the workshop because students will be reading both independently and with a partner, as I soon will meet with students in Guided Reading/Book Club groups. Book Shopping from our classroom library has been introduced and your child may already be bringing home a book(s) for at-home reading. Starting Monday, they will have a specific day (within our 6-Day cycle) to Book Shop from our library to ensure they have a revolving variety of books.

This week I will also meet with individual students to assess their reading abilities using a reading assessment called QRI. It will help me recognize each child’s strengths as a reader and areas he/she needs to continue to develop. I will communicate the results with you at conferences in October. 

Writing: Writer’s Workshop will officially launch this week! We will learn how to tell meaningful stories. Students will brainstorm ideas for a personal narrative and began writing their first piece in second grade. I can't wait to see what they chose to write about!

Spelling: We will be introducing a new class word sort this week. Spelling homework will also begin this week. A laminated Spelling Menu will come home with your child on Monday. Please use this as a guide for homework activities. This will help your child learn the new concepts and practice for Friday’s test.

Math: Last week we wrapped up Chapter One: Numbers to 1,000 and began Chapter Two: Addition up to 1,000. Math homework will continue to come home this week.

Social Studies: We will begin talking about Communities – what is a community, the different types of communities, etc. 

Science: We will continue learning more about seeds. We will also keep an eye out for grass (starting or continuing to) sprout in our first Grow Lab project: the beloved Grass Heads! 

2017 Homecoming

Friday was a special and fun day as the entire school celebrated Breck Homecoming! All of Lower, Middle and Upper School were decked out in blue and gold, with lots of energy and excitement filling the halls. Congratulations to Homecoming Queen and King, seniors Kiwi Sundeen and Alex McFarland.

Please also take a look at the video montage from the Coronation ceremony below:


Sunday, September 10, 2017

All Year Long: Collecting Items for Donation

Throughout the year, Breck School is always collecting the following items. If you have any of these at home, please bring in for donation and we will get them to the right place!

BOX Tops: These support Breck's philanthropy projects.

Pop Tops: Donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Paper grocery bags: Shared with local food shelves.

Used children's books: These are delivered to Little Free Libraries in the area.

9/11-9/15 Week at a Glance

Monday, Sept. 11 (Day 4)
*Math homework starts today
- Chapel
- Art
- Chinese

Tuesday, Sept. 12 (Day 5)
- Music
- P.E.

Wednesday, Sept. 13 (Day 6)
- P.E.
- Chinese
- Religion

Thursday, Sept. 14 (Day 1)
- Chapel
- Chinese 
- Music

Friday, Sept. 15 (Day 2)
*Non-Uniform Day: Wear Blue & Gold 
- Library
- Chinese
- Homecoming Coronation (no P.E. due to Coronation)

Looking Ahead:
Friday, Sept. 16: 
 - 7PM Homecoming Varsity Football Game vs. Concordia Academy, McKnight Stadium 

Saturday, Sept. 16: 
 - 10:30AM, Join Dr. Hernandez for coffee and conversation on the Chapel Green - just before Blessing of the Animals. Pets welcome!
 - 11:00AM, Blessing of the Animals on the Chapel Green
 - Noon-2:00PM, Homecoming BBQ and Carnival. CLICK HERE to buy your lunch tickets in advance. Bypass the line and head straight to the Express Lane! Tickets available on Homecoming Saturday, too. Cash only.

Monday, Sept. 18: 
 - 234 Picture Day
 - Mindfulness lessons with Mrs. Heurung begin

Friday, September 1, 2017

First Week of Second Grade

We spent a lot of time building community, as many of us are getting to know each other for the first time. We also dove right into the second grade math curriculum, learned about Reader's Workshop, worked on our reading stamina, spent some time writing, made predictions and sorted seeds in Science. 

It was a great first week and I am really looking forward to a wonderful year with your child!

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Great First Day in Second Grade!

What a successful first day we’ve had! It was so exciting to meet my new students and watch them interact with each other. Our time together flew by, but the children had an opportunity to make new connections and reacquaint with old friends, learn several new routines that will occur daily throughout the year, and begin to build community through various activities. Hopefully your child ended the day with feelings of happiness, security, and excitement for the year.

The first day of school is always filled with anticipation and excitement and the first few weeks are for making connections and learning routines that help make the school year run smoothly. One of the routines I’d like to establish from the very first day of school is that of your child’s Take-Home Folder. This should travel to school each morning and home each afternoon (in the blue and red “briefcase”). Please check the folder daily for important notices from the office, letters from me and assignments that your child will be expected to complete. It ultimately will be your child’s responsibility to pack and unpack the folder, however, he/she will probably need assistance to make this responsibility habit for a few weeks.

Your child will be using a daily planner this year in which he/she will be writing an entry each day. Please read your child’s entry with him/her each night and sign to indicate that you have done so before sending it back to school in the blue and red briefcase. Thank you!

Please remember that school begins at 8:30 and students may enter classrooms at 8:15. If your child arrives after 8:30, he/she will need to stop at the office to obtain a late pass. Also, please be sure that you communicate to me any changes in after-school transportation in writing. If changes occur to the regular dismissal schedule during the school day please also contact the Transportation Office (I may not be able to check my email or classroom phone messages before the end of the day). Thank you!

I look so forward to creating a partnership with you to help make this year a successful and happy one for your child. I welcome your calls and emails anytime. You can reach me by phone at 763-381-8316 and Also, check out our classroom blog at


Erin Merrill