Sunday, November 6, 2016

Learning Update

Reading: We are continuing to learn about story elements. Your second grader is learning how to identify character attributes and personality traits, as well as find evidence from their stories to support their thinking. This will help enhance their comprehension and make them stronger readers. 

Writing: In Room 16, we are working on rereading stories through detective eyes. I've encouraged writers to make sure their writing makes sense and sounds right, specifically through strategies that show how to attend to punctuation. Writers have been taught how to check so their sentences don't run on and on with a series of ands.

Math: We began 'Chapter 3: Subtraction up to 1,000.' Our most recent lessons have challenged students to subtract with regrouping in ones and tens. This can be a tough concept to learn, but they are doing well. It is extremely important for them to continue to use the base 10 manipulatives, as well as the place value charts, available in our room. By using these tools, kids see can how subtraction problems break down visually and have the power to make sense that much quicker and easier! 

Science: The past week, science and math collided and we learned a lot about pumpkins! We will continue to learn about pumpkins and look forward to planting pumpkin seeds this week. 

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