Sunday, October 16, 2016

Room 16 Learning Update

Reading: Reader's Workshop will be out in full force this week. Workshop typically consists of a full-group mini lesson, followed by independent reading while working on whatever strategy was introduced. During this time, I will meet with Book Clubs. Following this, your child will have Academic Free Choice where they have the option to continue to read to self, read to a partner, practice their spelling, work on creative writing or, occasionally, go online for an e-book through TumbleBooks. I introduced Academic Free Choice to them last week and they were very excited! While they work on their choice, I will be conferring with students to see how their reading is going and what we can possibly work on (individually or as a whole class).

Writing: We will continue getting into the swing of things with our writing partners - focusing on how to be a good, supportive partner and how to have a partnership that gives/takes equally and respectfully. 

Spelling: Due to the short week, no new spelling words will come home. 

Math: We will continue working in Chapter 2. We just finished learning how to add with and without regrouping in either ones or tens. Next up: Addition with Regrouping in Both Ones and Tens. 

Social Studies: Urban, Suburban and Rural communities will grace our walls starting this week. Room 16 students worked hard on their community and are proud of the work they have done. We will also start talking more about community helpers. 

Science: Soon we will plant pumpkin seeds in our Grow Lab, but in the very near future, we will plant a tulip bulb in the Lower School Secret Garden. This is a grade-wide initiative and will be very fun! More information to come.

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