Sunday, October 9, 2016

Learning Update for Room 16

 Book clubs are starting! Your child will be assigned a non-fiction book. All groups will have the same theme this first round: Plants. 

Writing: Writing partners will be introduced! Partners play a pivotal role in the writing process. They read stories, help with spelling, give ideas, add punctuation, ask questions, make sure the story makes sense and GIVE COMPLIMENTS! I hope your child enjoys their partnership and that it provides the support to make their story even better!  

Spelling: New words will come home this week. Please use the Spelling Menu for at-home activities or create your own! Remember, no Spelling homework on Wednesday. 

Math: We will continue working in Chapter 2. We just finished a lesson on Addition WITHOUT Regrouping... next up is Addition WITH Regrouping in Ones. Please let me know if your child is having trouble at home with their assignments. This gives me a better idea of where they are at with the concept and if anything needs to be reinforced.  

Social Studies: Finishing touches will be put on your child's community this week and then displayed on our classroom walls. Next up in the Community theme: talking about community helpers. 

Science: Grass heads will go home this week! We will continue taking a closer look at seeds through a variety of activities. Next up for our Grow Lab: planting Pumpkin seeds!

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