Sunday, October 2, 2016

Learning Update for Room 16

Reading: This week we will begin book clubs. Your child will work in a reading group with other students at their similar reading level. Also, in last week's Learning Update, I mentioned that all children will bring home a book from school (in a Ziploc baggie) for at-home reading. I realize that your children have an abundance of books to chose from at home, so I've made an adjustment: if they would like to bring home a book from school for at-home reading, they can. If they prefer to read from books already at home, that is fine, too. 

Writing: We've recently talked about how writers make their story come to life by making their characters move, talk, feel and think. Also, by telling their story in itsy-bitsy steps, this makes their writing that much more interesting and detailed. Students are encouraged to incorporate these into their own personal narrative stories.

Spelling: Due to the short week, no new Spelling words will come home. 

Math: We recently began Chapter 2 in our Math in Focus curriculum. This chapter focuses on Addition Up to 1,000. You may have noticed that the first lesson focused heavily on three new strategies that may have been challenging for your child. We have continued to work on each of these strategies in class and even though they may not be your child's go-to when solving problems, it is good for them to have it in their toolkit.  

Social Studies: Room 16 students are excited about their first group project! They are creating their own community ... ask your child if they are doing Urban, Suburban or Rural! They have been learning more about mapping skills (Key, Symbols, Compass Rose), which will make their community more realistic. They will also come up with a community name, as well as a population. It's fun to see the kids work together and create!

Science: Our Grass Heads are growing!! Each day when the kids enter the room, they immediately go check on their Head to see how much it has changed from the previous day. It took some longer than others to start sprouting, but now all Heads have hair!! Look forward to seeing these Heads come home in the next week or so. 

I look forward to seeing you at Conferences! 

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