Monday, October 24, 2016

Journey North - What is it?

Today was our first day participating in Journey North, a Global Study of Wildlife Migration and Seasonal Change. 

Journey North is a fun, interactive and engaging months-long project where student scientists around the globe participate in tracking wildlife migration and/or seasonal change. 

Participants share field observations across the northern hemisphere, exploring the interrelated aspects of seasonal change. There are many topics to choose from (eagles, Monarch Butterflies, Whooping Cranes, Grey Whales, etc), however, we are taking part in the Tulip Test Gardens. 

Today each student was given a tulip bulb. In partnership with Ms. Schoenborn's class, we then measured the circumference and weighed each; making all recordings in our Science Journals. 

Afterwards, we went into the Lower School Secret Garden to plant these special bulbs in a 'Tulip Garden' in anticipation of spring. Students used shovels to dig their hole and then measured to make sure it was deep enough. They dropped their bulb (pointy side up) and covered with dirt. Finally, they put their stake in the ground so we know whose is whose when they start to break ground come spring. 

In the coming months, we will continue to monitor and record observations ... patiently waiting for the tulips to, fingers crossed, break ground and then, bloom.

We had some extra bulbs, so we thought it would be fun to plant some 'experimental' bulbs... we will just have to wait and see the results, if any! 

Experimental bulbs planted:
- horizontal
- too shallow 
- upside down 
- underneath rocks
- cut in half, bulb side up
- cut in half, bulb side down

We all had a blast learning about tulips and getting out in the fresh air as student/citizen scientists! We can't wait to see what happens in the coming months! 

Check out the Journey North website below for more information!

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