Saturday, September 17, 2016

Update on Learning in Room 16

Reading: This week, we will continue to practice Reader’s Workshop routines and norms. We will continue to build independent and partner reading stamina. This is an important component of the workshop because students will be reading both independently and with a partner as I soon will meet with students in Guided Reading/Book Club groups. Book Shopping was also introduced last week and your child may bring home a book for at-home reading. They will have a specific day (within our 6-Day cycle) to Book Shop from our classroom library to ensure they have a revolving variety of books. At this time in the year, they are encouraged to bring home a book. However, once Guided Reading/Book Club groups begin, your child will have a specific book to take home.

This week I will also meet with individual students to assess their reading abilities using a reading assessment called QRI. It will help me recognize each child’s strengths as a reader and areas he/she needs to continue to develop. I will communicate the results with you at conferences in October. 

Writing: Writer’s Workshop has been officially launched! We learned how to tell meaningful stories. Students brainstormed ideas for a personal narrative and began writing their first piece in second grade. They are doing very well!

This week, we will continue to practice Writer’s Workshop routines and norms as well as learn to stretch out our stories and use details to magnify a little moment. Your child also received a “Tiny Topics” notebook. This will be a place for him/her to jot down story ideas when it comes to them. It will be in their briefcase each night, so please encourage your child to write in it if a fun idea comes to mind! J This is not homework, but rather, a notebook to generate ideas.

Spelling: We will be introducing a new class word sort this week. Please use the sort guide for homework activities. This will help your child learn the new concepts and practice for Friday’s test.

Math: Students are continuing to learn about place value. Math homework will continue to come home this week.

Social Studies: We will begin talking about Communities – what is a community, the different types of communities, etc. The Children’s Museum will visit on Tuesday with an engaging and fun activity for all of 2nd grade to participate in.

Science: This week we will begin learning more about seeds. We will also do our first Grow Lab project!

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