Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today's Special Chapel

Today's Chapel was very interesting because it was all about birds. Birds have been a topic of conversation in Room 16 lately because Zachary recently got a new pet cockatoo named Ice Cream. Ice Cream came to be Zachary's pet one day after Breck's Blessing of the Animals. It was important to Zachary and his family to get their new pet blessed by Mrs. Z., so today Ice Cream joined us for Chapel to get her blessing. Afterwards our class was able to spend some extra time with her - getting close up and giving some soft, gentle pets. It was so fun! 

Ice Cream getting blessed, as all of Lower School
reached out their hand. 

Zachary, Ice Cream's proud owner.

Ice Cream did so well with all of the attention!

Ice Cream's wonderful family!

Class 16 with our new feathered friend!

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