Sunday, September 25, 2016

Learning Update in Room 16

Reading: This week, we will continue to practice Reader’s Workshop routines and norms. Your child's specific Book Shopping day will be introduced. They will be asked to have (at least) seven books in their Book Box, with four of them at their own reading level. I also will ask that only two of these books are chapter books. Having a limit on the number of chapter books builds reading stamina and encourages focus rather than having multiple. Students will also be asked to bring a book home for at-home reading. I am going to try giving students a Ziploc bag (exactly the same as book bags in first grade) and use this to protect books as they travel to/from school. 

I will also continue to meet with individual students to assess their reading abilities using a reading assessment called QRI. It will help me recognize each child’s strengths as a reader and areas he/she needs to continue to develop. I will communicate the results with you at conferences in October. 

Writing: Room 16 students will continue to work on telling meaningful stories. They will focus on zooming in on their Small Moment stories and describing what they see, hear, smell, feel and/or taste. They will also learn how to craft a story with a more powerful ending. 

Spelling: This week, I will introduce a new spelling sort that is differentiated specifically for your child. In addition, spelling homework will change this week. Homework will only be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The sort activities will also change (will have more variety to choose from). A letter will come home with your child on Monday with more information. Please make sure to read and let me know if you have any questions. 

Math: We will begin Chapter 2 in our Math in Focus curriculum. This chapter focuses on Addition Up to 1,000. Starting with Chapter 2, I will send corrected homework home in a packet once the chapter is complete. However, I will continue to work with your child if they show to have trouble with a concept or if I see incorrect homework coming in. Also, coming home on Monday will be homework from the last half of Chapter 1, as well as the Chapter Test. 

Social Studies: We will continue talking about Communities. This week we will begin our Communities project - ask your child what they know about Urban, Suburban and Rural! 

Science: This week we will continue to learn about seeds. Last week, Room 16 students planted grass seeds for our Grass Heads project. Each child is anxious to see when their grass will begin to sprout!

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