Sunday, October 22, 2017

10/23 - 10/27 Week at a Glance

Monday, Oct. 23 (Day 6)
*Mustang/Chess Club
- P.E. (last day of Swimming)
- Chinese
- Religion

Tuesday, Oct. 24 (Day 1)
- Chapel
- Chinese
- Music

Wednesday, Oct. 25 (Day 2)
- Library
- Chinese
- P.E. (first day of Skating unit)

Thursday, Oct. 26 (Day 3)
- P.E. 
- Music
- Mindfulness

Friday, Oct. 27 (Day 4)
- Chapel
- Pumpkin Math (9:30-11:00, parent volunteers: Natalie Nicholson, Sandra Ogato, Thabani/Steve Sinkula, Sara Fanucchi)
- Art
- Chinese

Looking Ahead:
- Tuesday, Oct. 31, Halloween Parade: Begins at 8:40 in LS Commons and finishes in Anderson Gym where students and parents will catch the tail-end of parade. Celebration and sing-a-along of old and new favorites! TIP: Get to the Anderson Gym early to grab your seat - it's typically packed! 

- Tuesday, Oct. 31, Halloween Party: Classroom party will begin once the Parade/sing-a-long is finished and will go until 10:45. *Parent volunteers: Tori Crawford, Megan Ellerson, Kate Christianson, Adam Braun

- Wednesday, Nov. 1, Community Meeting: This is a non-uniform day... students should wear their new C.A.R.E. t-shirts. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Learning Update

Reading: To prepare for the Skeleton Story homework project, we talked more in-depth about characters and setting. We will continue to learn about the different elements that make up stories (main/supporting characters, setting, plot, etc.) 

Writing: Students received their writing partners! We talked about how writing partners can help make the writing process easier. Good writing partners talk to each other, listen to each other, compliment each other and give suggestions/ask questions. 

Spelling: Last week was our first week of differentiated Spelling groups. Due to another short week, there will be NO spelling this week. 

Math: Last week, we started Chapter 3. Your child learned how to subtract with/without regrouping. 

Social Studies: We recently began learning about the different communities of Urban, Suburban and Rural. In the coming days, students will also begin learning various map skills. Both of these will help as they take on their first group project - where each student will focus on creating an Urban, Suburban or Rural community with other classmates. 

Science: Pumpkin seeds are continuing to grow in Room 16! We will keep an eye out for flowers to eventually bloom and then observe if they are male or female flowers. Everyday is an exciting time as your child comes into the room and sees how much their plant has changed from the previous day!

10/16-10/20 Week at a Glance

Monday, Oct. 16 (Day 3)
*Mustang/Chess Club
* Picture Retakes
- P.E. (Swimming)
- Music

Tuesday, Oct. 17 (Day 4)
- Chapel
- Art
- Chinese

Wednesday, Oct. 18 (Day 5)
- Music
- P.E. 

Thursday, October 19 - NO SCHOOl, FACULTY WORKSHOP


Looking Ahead:
- Tuesday, October 17, 6:30-7:30: Lower School Parents Math Night (Chapel). Cassy Turner, a Singapore Math consultant, will be leading a Math Night for parents (K-4) focusing on strategies to support students and their mathematical understanding. Kindly RSVP here for the event. Childcare will be available. Click here to register for childcare. 

- Wednesday, October 25: Skating unit in P.E. begins. Your child will need a skating bag with skates, helmet, skate guards, gloves, winter coat (not just a sweatshirt) and snow pants. 

- Friday, October 27, 9:30-11:00: Pumpkin Math. Parent volunteers: Natalie Nicholson, Sandra Ogato, Thabani or Steve Sinkula, Sara Fanucchi

Saturday, October 7, 2017

MN Landscape Arboretum - Apples!!

In late September, the entire second grade took a half-day field trip to the MN Landscape Arboretum Apple House. Here we learned more about how orchard managers use their Math and Science skills each day to bring in their crop. We tasted, sipped, learned and wandered our way through this very interesting and informative space. We had three stops: the Flavor Lab, Apple House and Apple Orchard

The Flavor Lab was where we were able to taste test several apples, specifically looking out for if they were soft or crunchy, sweet or sour, tender skin or hard skin, etc. Each student also had the opportunity to drop an apple into the grinder - which is one of the first steps in making apple cider!

Grinder to make Apple Cider! 


Celebrating that they got an answer to the Apple Quiz right! 

In the Apple House, we learned how the University of Minnesota creates new varieties of apples. Some of our favorites they've created are: Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Zestar and others!  The process is so interesting and it also takes a really LONG time! We also were able to try Chestnut Crab Apples! Tasty!!

Apple House volunteer and Linus demonstrate how bees are attracted to the smell and color of apple blossoms, which contain sweet nectar. Bees fly from flower to flower in search of nectar; the pollen on the flowers sticks to the bees' hair and is carried to the next flower. This transfer of pollen is called Pollination and is essential in the journey of the apple!

Maria, Nicole and Justin help us understand the looooong process it takes before apples even gets to consumers!

Time to Eat!! YUM! 

                                        Orchard Time!!


This funny picture was taken Wednesday when students were encouraged to wear either Lynx gear or green/blue. Here they are pretending to be a lynx (FYI: two members of our class chose to sit this photo out). :)

Better Late than Never... GRASS HEAD PHOTOS! 
Also, so fun ... our pumpkin seeds are beginning to sprout! 
Pictures to come!