Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/24-4/28 Week at a Glance

Monday, April 24 (Day 3)
* Mustang/Chess Club
- All-School Chapel (Trustee Day)
- P.E.
- Music

Tuesday, April 25 (Day 4)
- Art
- Spanish
*Art Reception (3:30-4:30, Chapel Gallery)

Wednesday, April 26 (Day 5)
- Music
- Field Trip to Colonial Acres
- Mindfulness
- P.E.

Thursday, April 27 (Day 6)
- P.E.
- Spanish

Friday, April 28 (Day 1)
- Spanish
- Music

Looking Ahead:
- Wednesday, May 3: Community Meeting (wear C.A.R.E. t-shirt)
- Friday, May 5: Non-Uniform - Wacky Dress Day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

All-About Books - Publishing Celebration

Second grade writers have finished their All-About (information books) and the writing unit titled Lab Reports and Science Books, during which students learned about information writing that scientists are apt to do. They also were taught about force, motion and friction. During Writer's Workshop, children often divided their time between engaging in experiments and writing for the purposes that scientists write.

During the final portion of the unit, children wrote informative/explanatory texts in which they introduced a topic, used facts and definitions to develop points, and provided a concluding statement, all in order to teach others what they have learned. Students in Room 16 wrote about topics such as basketball, hockey, gymnastics, baseball, jiu jitsu, karate, soccer, lacrosse and more! Reading their books over the past several weeks has been SO delightful!

Earlier this week, we had a publishing celebration with Mrs. Strohschein/Mrs. Wright's class. Children read their All-About books to other second graders... they should be proud of their great work!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Visit to Colonial Acres

Last Thursday, Room 16 had the opportunity to take a service trip to Colonial Acres Senior Living. Here we brought smiles to many senior citizens and we also bowled!! Before the visit, I told the students that we'd be bowling and they were super excited! However, this was not your typical game of bowling... no bowling alley, no gutters, no bowling shoes. Instead a combination of senior citizens and 2nd graders were divided into two teams (Blue and Gold) and we bowled with a rubber ball in a large gathering room. It was different in many ways, but the kids had a lot of fun! Enjoy the pictures below (I apologize that I didn't get pictures of all in the class, I will at our next trip to Colonial Acres!). 

Alea and Akilah - the first scorekeepers!

Mikey, Erin and Wellstone: our pin picker-uppers!













4/17-4/21 Week at a Glance

Monday, April 17 (Day 4)
*Mustang and Chess Club
- Seder
- Art
- Spanish

Tuesday, April 18 (Day 5)
- Music
- Mindfulness 
- P.E. 

Wednesday, April 19 (Day 6)
- P.E.
- Spanish

Thursday, April 20 (Day 1)
- Music
- Arboretum On-Campus Field Trip (Sunflower Supreme)
- Spanish
- Tornado Drill

Friday, April 21 (Day 2)
- Special presentation for 2nd Grade on 3D Printing
- Library
- Spanish 
- P.E. (swimming begins)

Looking Ahead:
- Tuesday, April 25: LS Art Reception, 3:30-4:30PM, Chapel Gallery
- Wednesday, April 26: Service Trip to Colonial Acres 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

3/10-3/14 Week at a Glance

Monday, April 10 (Day 6)
*Mustang/Chess Club begins
- P.E.
- Spanish
- S.T.E.A.M. 

Tuesday, April 11 (Day 1)
- All School Chapel
- Spanish
- Music

Wednesday, April 12 (Day 2)
- Colonial Acres visit
- Library
- Spanish
- P.E. 

Thursday, April 13 (Day 3)
- P.E.
- Music
- Religion

Friday, April 14
NO SCHOOL: Good Friday 

Looking Ahead:
- Wednesday, April 19: Tornado Drill, 1:00pm
- Thursday, April 20: On-Campus Field Trip (Arboretum: Sunflower Supreme), 10:15-11:15am
- Thursday, April 20: Moving Up to 3rd Grade Parent Meeting, 6:30-7:45pm
- Friday, April 21: 3D Printing Presentation for all of 2nd Grade, 9-11am

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Birthday Wishes!

We are collecting birthday celebration supplies for our local food shelf.  Families who use our local food shelf often are unable to buy extra items that make a birthday special, like: cake mix & frosting, candles, rice, noodles, cookie mix, pizza crust mix, paper plates and cups. 

Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal items are often needed by families as well. 

If you would like to donate, please bring items to school April 6-21.  


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Letter re: 2017-2018 Class Placement from Mrs. Bailey

April 2017

Dear Lower School Parents:

Each year, I invite parents to provide input into the class placement process for their children.  If you wish to share your thoughts with me, please send me a letter or an email by Thursday, April 20.  The timeliness of this information is very important, as we will begin this process the following week.  Therefore, letters received after this date will not be considered for the upcoming school year.

A few important things to remember:

·       Please write your child's full name and grade next year at the top of the letter.  *If writing about more than one child, please send a separate letter for each student. 

·       Share your insights about friendships to foster or separate, your child’s learning dispositions and/or temperament, and the type of environment you feel your child thrives in. 
(You may want to share feedback on what has made this year particularly successful for your
child, or if this has been a challenging year, what you believe may have contributed to this.) 

·       Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.

Several factors are taken into consideration as teachers and the administrative team place students into next year’s classes.  Summer moves and other changes impact class assignments.  Thank you, in advance, for respecting and trusting our decisions.

Best regards,
Peg Bailey