Saturday, March 17, 2018

Country Presentations

That’s a wrap!

Wow! I am one proud teacher. The effort the students showed during our country research unit is commendable. They were all dedicated to learning about their specific country and it showed.

This unit focused on developing the following:

*Locating information using non-fiction text features
*Determine the importance of information
*Note taking
*Synthesizing information
*Organizational skills
*Communication skills
*Global awareness

The presentations were incredibly well done. Each and every child should feel proud. They were able to stand in front of the class poised and confident while presenting their information. Way to go, Second Graders! See the cute photos below of our experts (Calvin and Bennett to be added after Break). 

Mallory - Thailand

Justin - Germany

Nicole - Italy

Brecken - Vietnam

Siena - Iceland

Jaryn - France

Linus - Japan

Malachi - Madagascar

JJ - China

Maria - Egypt

Boden - Uganda

Avery - Sweden

Adele - Zimbabwe

Marcelle - Poland

Hadley - Australia

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Our Visit to Colonial Acres

In the last month, Room 16 had the opportunity to take two service trips to Colonial Acres Senior Living. Here we brought smiles to many senior citizens and we also played balloon volleyball and bowled!! Enjoy the pictures below!

Balloon Volleyball: